Tin Pan Ali poster

Performed: February 2011, The Dolphins Hall
Tin Pan Ali is the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves but set in 1920s prohibition era Chicago. Ali Baba is a poor street-sweeper and his brother, Kassim, is a wealthy businessman.

The 40 thieves are now inept gangsters, self styled as the Chicagorillas and led by mob boss Haroun Al Carooni. Their trademark is a spotty bow tie and they operate in two rival gangs, the ‘Heavies’ and the ‘Tinies’.

The gangsters stash their ill-gotten gains in a back street warehouse and the only key is held by the caretaker, Sesame.

Tin Pan Ali was the production by the Youth Group of the society, with three evening performances, from Thursday, February 10th 2011 to Saturday, February 12th 2011 together with a Saturday matinee.

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