Previous Productions


Year Month Production By
2023 April Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
2022 November Snow White Neil & Christine Hainsworth
2020 April Play On!
This play was never performed due to the Covid-19 pandemic
Rick Abbot
2019 November Aladdin: The Uncle Strikes Back Neil Hainsworth
2019 April The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley
2018 November (Goods Shed) Beauty and the Beast Ben Crocker
2018 April Abigail's Party Mike Leigh
2017 November The Sleeping Beauty Ben Crocker
2017 April Anybody for Murder? Brian Clemens
2016 November Jack and the Beanstalk Ben Crocker
2016 April Gaslight Patrick Hamilton
2015 November Summer Holiday; The Musical Michael Gyngell & Mark Haddigan
2015 May The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde
2015 February 14th Much ado about Nothing (performed @ Minchinhampton Market House) William Shakespeare
2014 December The Three Musketeers Richard Lloyd
2014 April Allo Allo Jeremy Lloyd, David Croft
2013 November Treasure Island Richard Lloyd (and R.L.Stevenson)
2013 April Chicks & Dogs Clive Renton
2013 March Dazzle! Andrew Bailey
2012 November Cinderella Ben Crocker
2012 May Gala Night  
2012 March Smike Roger Holman & Simon May
2011 November Robin Hood
2011 May Greek Fire Rob Smith
2011 February Tin Pan Ali Jeremy James Taylor & David Nield
2010 November Dracula! The Panto! Jim Sperinck
2010 April The Pirates of Penzance Gilbert & Sullivan
2009 November The Snow Queen
2009 April On The Razzle Tom Stoppard


Year Month Production By
2008 November The Wizard of Oz
2008 April When we are Married JB Priestly
2007 November Captain Hook's Revenge Richard Coleman
2007 April Play On Rick Abbot
2006 December Pantomino Italiano Robert Smith
2006 April A Murder Is Announced Leslie Darbon
2005 November Christmas Whines and Spirits Robert Smith
2005 April After Magritte Tom Stoppard
Play For Yesterday James Saunders
2004 December Jo Carpenter and Son Graham Clarke
2004 March Dolly Mixture - three one act plays
2003 November Little Miss Muffet Paul Reakes
2003 March The Cemetery Club Ivan Menchell
2002 November Alibaba and the Forty Thieves Judy Shone
2002 April Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
2001 December Goldilocks and the Three Bears John Morley
2001   Beyond a Joke Derek Benfield
2000 November Puss in Boots Norman Robbins
2000 April Death and the Maiden Georgina Reid


Year Month Production By
1999 December Cinderella Ronald Parr
1999 April Plaza Suite Neil Simon
1998 April The Noble Spaniard W Somerset Maugham
1997 December Blue Christmas Robert Smith
1997 March Confusions Alan Ayckbourn
1995 November Hickery Dickery Dock Norman Robbins
1994 November An Adaption of the Jolly Roger Robert Smith
1994 January The Sleeping Beauty Norman Robbins
1993 November The Sleeping Beauty Norman Robins
1993 March Ladies Of Spirit Georgina Reid
1992 November Mother Goose Norman Robbins
1992 April Pure & Organic Robert Smith
1991 November Arthur & Gingerbeer Robert Smith
1991 May No Time For Fig Leaves Duncan Greenwood and Robert King
1990 October Red Riding Hood John Crocker


Year Month Production By
1989 November A Three Layer Cake - three one act plays
1989 Spring The Best Laid Schemes
1988 November Blue Christmas Somerset Level
1988 March Autumn Manoevers Peter Cole
1987 November A Christmas Cracker - Variety Performance
1987 March Beyond A Joke Derek Benfield
1986 Autumn Oddman Stores Robert Smith
1986 March Dolphins Distractions - variety of one act plays
1985 November Thriller of the Year Glyn Jones
1984 ? The House Of The Cliff
1983 April The Rape Of The Belt Benn W. Levy
1983 November Off the end of Tetbury Pier Robert Smith
1983 April Murder Deferred Stuart Ready
1982 October Strike Happy Duncan Greenwood
1982 February Aladdin David Norris
1981 November Busybody Jack Popplewell
1981 October Tetbury's Historical Celebration; 681-1781-1981 Ted Prince and many others
1981 May The Best Laid Plans H.J.Meyer
1981 January Jack and The Beanstalk David Norris
1980 June All Is Known Eve Hughes
1980 March Cindyrella Pam Sims
1980 May Henry Hereafter Hal D. Stewart
All Is Known Eve Hughes


Year Month Production By
1979   Top Gear John Dole
1978   I'll Get My Man Philip King
1977   Post Horn Gallop Derek Benfield
1976 November Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
1975 Autumn Not Now Darling Ray Cooney and John Chapman
1975 Spring Dead On Nine Jack Popplewell
1974 March I Will Arise T.B. Morris
1973 December An Inspector Calls J.B.Priestly
1973 Spring Just The Ticket John Waterhouse
1972 December Toad Of Toad Hall A.A. Milne
1972 April The Waltz Of The Toreadors Jean Anouilh
  Black Comedy and Private Eye P.Shaffer
  A Spell Of Virtue


Year Month Production By
1963-1969 Various plays at the Tetbury Mother's Union
1960 May County Drama Festival
1957 January Adam's Apple NC Hunter
1956 April You Can Never Tell Bernard Shaw
1953   Much Ado about Nothing William Shakespeare
1951 April The Chiltern Hundreds William Douglas
1949 December What a Treasure Henry Smalley
1949 March Frieda Ronald Millar
1948 November The Camel's Back Arnold Helsby
1948 January The Tradgedy of Hamlet William Shakespeare
1947 Oct/November Till Futher Orders Wilfred Massey
1947 August The Taming of the Shrew William Shakespeare
1947 April Suspect Edward Percy and Reginald Denham
1947 Feb/March The Blue Goose Peter Blackmore
1946 October Quiet Week-End Esther McCraken
1946 September I Will Arise T.B Morris
1946 April Living Room Esther McCraken
1946 January Twelth Night William Shakespeare


Year Month Production By
1939 February Thark Ben Travers
1937 December Distinguished Gathering James Parish
1937 February The Farmer's Wife Eden Philpotts
1936 February Third Time Lucky Arnold Ridley
1934 November Hawley's Of The High Street Walter W Ellis
1933 December Nothing But the Truth James Montgomery
1932 December The Man Who Stayed At Home Lechmere Worral and Harold Terry
1931 November Tons Of Money Will Evans and Valentine
1930 November Rookery Nook Ben Travers
1929 November The Nephew Of His Aunt W. Vaughan-Jones
1928 December The Cheerful Knave Keble Howard
1927 December The Sport of Kings Ian Hay
1926 December The Passing of the Third Floor Back Jerome K Jerome
1925 November Eliza Comes To Stay H.V.Esmond
1925 February Mrs Gorringe's Necklace Hubert Henry Davis
1924 November Brown Sugar Lady Arthur Lever
1924 Spring Lord Richard in Pantry Adapted by Sydney Blow and Douglas Hoare
1923 November Mrs Pim Passes By A.A.Milne
1923 February Tilly of Bloomsbury Ian Hay
1922 April The Young Person In Pink Gertrude Jennings
1914 February The Lady Of Ostend Sir F.Buynams
1913 Easter The Emerald Isle Basil Hood
1912 February Merrie England Edward German
1911 February Les Cloches De Corneville R.Planquette
1910 March The Pirates of Penzance Gilbert and Sullivan


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